Get a Fit-Bit for a fitter Ebbsfleet

EUFC proudly hosted the launch of the Ebbsfleet Garden City Healthy New Town (EGCHNT) programme Digital Movement Initiative in the Fleet Social Club on 20th July. Club director Stuart Butler-Gallie welcomed Kevin McGeough and Lorna Hughes from the Healthy New Town programme as they distributed ‘Fit-Bit’ digital fitness monitors to over 50 local residents, including some familiar faces from amongst Fleet fans.

Up to 100 Ebbsfleet Garden City residents are to have their fitness levels monitored in an innovative health technology project. Data from digital fitness monitors worn by volunteers will be analysed by the Healthy New Towns programme.

Kevin McGeough, director of EGCHNT programme, said: “We hope that by wearing the device, it will motivate people to be fit and active and having a healthier population will help cut down the demands made on the NHS. We’ve had no shortage of volunteers who have told us that not only do they want to get fit or stay fit and healthy, but also want to be part of an exciting initiative that also shapes the future of Ebbsfleet Garden City.”

Volunteers are also keen to get to know each other and to form support networks that help to sustain their activity whilst also getting to know their new or existing neighbours.

The plan is that one such opportunity would be for volunteers to attend a fitness training session at Stonebridge Road, run by first-team coach David Jupp, similar to that enjoyed by participants in The Gr@nd’s ‘Run a Mile with a Smile’ initiative.

Kevin added: “We are also collecting data and comments which will be valuable when we look at designing our new city parks and cycling and walking routes to be delivered in the coming years. The information will be recorded for a year to capture and understand which locations and routes are preferred for walking, cycling and running in new and existing communities.”

Stuart Butler-Gallie commented, “As the Garden City’s Lead Sports Partner, EUFC are delighted to have hosted the launch of such a great initiative and the club fully supports the project. We want to work with volunteers and offer the club’s facilities for them to organise their networking events. We are still looking for 10 volunteers from the Fleet Over-50s Walking Football Squad to join the programme to demonstrate how they are improving their own fitness through the club’s and Fleet Supporters’ Trust’s own Walking Football initiative.

If you want to volunteer to receive a ‘Fit-Bit’ monitor (on a first come, first served basis) and join the Over 50s Walking Football Squad, please email with your name, address and age. Monitors will be issued at one of the early formal training evenings for the squad.


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