FM24 on sale now

The Fleet have digital copies of the brand new Football Manager 24 game for sale with big savings to be made on the RRP.

Just head on over to our online shop via the link below where you can buy the latest version of Football Manager for just £30. You will receive a digital code via email within 12 hours of purchase (and probably sooner than that!) once purchased. The unique code once redeemed entitles you to a copy of the game via Steam.

The Fleet are amongst the many teams you can guide to the very summit as you continue your relentless journey to the top of the footballing world by importing your existing career from Football Manager 2023. Craft a winning tactical approach, incorporating modern football’s most popular systems and positional innovations to deliver victories on the pitch. Master the transfer market and level up your players on the training field, transforming contenders into champions. See your tactical vision come to life on matchdays, with improvements to ball and player movements. 

Innovative new tools and features empower you to develop and deliver a blueprint for success wherever you manage in Football Manager 2024, the most complete version in the history of the series!


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