Club Statement: FA Cup changes

In what is a huge week for our football club and supporters, we cannot allow the news of the format changes to the Emirates FA Cup to pass without acknowledging that we share the frustration, anger and overriding sadness of the majority of clubs and fans across the pyramid.

It was only a short time ago that as a community of clubs we felt the harsh reality of being unable to play football matches at all; and when we could, our core and our heart – the supporters of our clubs – were not able to visit stadiums and participate as they have in a tradition that has spanned decades and centuries.

The harsh economic realities that the pandemic demonstrated – and the effect it had on our communities and football clubs both financially and spiritually within those communities – seem to have too soon been forgotten when decisions by a small percentage of our pyramid can lead to the removal of the historic tradition of FA Cup replays.

We can only hope that for the sake of our younger generation and the beautiful sport of football, such decisions can be re-considered and the opportunity exists to experience the magic of a cup replay in the future.

We continue to support and hope for a tangible and strong football regulator which has the ability and remit to consider and address decisions that seem so out of sync with the values and wishes of the majority of the sport and community.


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