National League statement as North/South divisions vote null and void

Earlier this month, The National League distributed four resolutions for Member Clubs to consider the outcome of the 2020/21 season.

Further information can be found here. 

With relevant voting thresholds now met for each resolution, The National League can confirm the outcome of this process as follows. 

Resolution One 
In summary: Step One and Two to be split in deciding the outcome of 2020/21 Playing Season. As a Special Resolution, a voting percentage of 75% or higher was required to pass. 

National League: (for) 21- (against) 0
National League North: 16-6
National League South: 9-12
Result: Passed 

As a result, Resolution Four is disregarded. 

Resolution Two (National League only)
In summary: The National League 2020/21 Playing Season (Step One) to be declared null and void. A minimum 51% majority was required for Resolution Two to pass.   

National League: 7-13
Result: Not Passed

As a result, the National League National Division will continue to operate for the remainder of the season 

Resolution Three (National League North and South only)
In summary: The National League North and South 2020/21 Playing Season (Step Two) to be declared null and void. A minimum 51% majority was required for Resolution Three to pass.   

National League North: 15-7
National League South: 9-12
Result: Passed

Resolution is passed and consequently the season at Step Two is null and void. 

Note – There are two votes from the National Division that have not yet been cast; however, the outcome of the resolutions cannot be affected by these votes, however they are cast. 

With the voting procedure now closed, National League North and South fixtures will cease with immediate effect.

The Board will take the resolution outcome to The Football Association for ratification. This will include dialogue regarding promotion and relegation. 


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Ed Miller

Ed Miller

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