Macca: “We’ve got a goal threat right across the team”

Daryl McMahon hailed his six-goal side’s performance this afternoon and pinpointed the Fleet squad’s ability to produce the goods from any position. Despite scoring six, it was only when Darren McQueen came on late in the game that a striker registered on the scoresheet as Fleet’s midfield stepped up to the plate in this one.

“It would be nice to do that every week but it’s not realistic,” McMahon told BBC Radio Kent’s Charles Webster. “We performed well today and we could have scored more. We’ve got to keep creating the chances we have been creating. We’ve done it quite regularly all season and we have got a goal threat in us right across the team.”

The boss also praised Mark Phillips and Jack Powell, neither of whom have played much football since January. “You can see the spirit amongst them to slot in and do a job for the team,” McMahon said. “I don’t think I have to motivate the players. If I have to, then they shouldn’t really be here. Players should be able to motivate themselves. We’ve obviously got a plan of how we’re playing and what we’re doing and that’s my job and we’ve done it for 18 months since I’ve been here and we’ll continue to do that. At the minute, the players are performing really, really well.”

On the game, the manager felt his side could have scored even more. “We missed too many chances but I can’t really complain when we scored six. Cookie was having the worst game I’ve ever seen him play,” McMahon joked, “and then he scored the best goal he’s probably ever going to score. It was one of those sort of days and he played his way into the game off the back of the goal.”

As for the penalty, McMahon was doubtful about the events surrounding its award but let that one lie… “We started quite well but when Dave [Winfield] went off it killed our momentum at the time. The penalty didn’t look like a penalty to be fair but Jack [Connors] did say he ran into the back of him so fair enough and it was a good penalty from Harris. But I thought from minute one to the end we were in total control of the game and I thought we were excellent.”

It’s St Albans City up next and the Fleet boss knows that’s going to be a different sort of challenge. “We’re not getting carried away. This game’s done, put to bed and we get ready for next Saturday. It’s a different game and you’ve got to prove yourself again.”


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