Green investment on Fleet pitch

It’s not all inactivity in the world of football at the moment as the pitch renovation work ongoing at the Kuflink Stadium this week proves.

Since our last home game on the final day of February versus Stockport County, the Fleet playing surface was treated and has enjoyed seven or eight weeks of excellent root growth.

That has allowed Jordans Sports Grounds Solutions to come in over the past week or so to remove unwanted surface matter as well as to level some areas and reseed others.

The first stage – using a fraise mower – removes extra growth such as weeds or thatch to a surface depth around 50mm. The pitch was then raked and cleaned before a top dressing of sand was added.

The final process is then a reseeding of the entire area and the summer will take care of the rest of the grass establishment process. Jordans provided some photos below of this week’s work…

The first stage of surface-matter removal
A KoroFTM fraize-mowing to remove the top layer
Sand-dressing once the pitch has been raked and cleaned
In goes the new stuff – reseeding across the pitch surface


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