Fleet forum to close

The Club announced this afternoon that, on the instructions of the Board of KEH Sports, it is to close the forum which operates on the Club’s website.

Peter Varney said “At the recent Question and Answer session with season ticket holders I was asked my view on the forum which operates on the Club’s website and the answer I gave was well received on the night and convinced me that most of the 80 or so people in attendance supported the views I expressed.

“Since KEH acquired the club it has adopted an open communications policy and regular dialogue with supporters. We have developed a relationship with Radio Kent and all the local newspapers and the coverage of the Club has improved significantly as all the journalists themselves will confirm. We have introduced a new website with regular updated content and in the programme I write a page to ensure everyone is kept up to date with developments at the Club. We have agreed plans for further Q&A events with management and players open to all supporters, we have met with the Fleet Trust officials and meetings are planned for every eight weeks, and no doubt there will be other opportunities to maintain a regular and open dialogue with the Club’s football fans.

“As said at the Q&A session, I don’t usually follow forums but the unacceptable levels of personal abuse and negativity of postings on the forum have been brought to my attention by some of the fans, as well as the directors of KEH Sports. Whilst the directors of both EUFC and KEH Sports welcome feedback if it is constructive, this type of questionably motivated content is not in the best interests of Ebbsfleet United FC and to allow it to be voiced on the Club’s website indicates a level of endorsement by the Club of the views expressed, which is obviously very far from the case.

“I hope our supporters recognise the reasons for taking this action and, as with the majority of clubs, I am sure an independent fans’ site will evolve in due course which both I and all Board members would welcome.”


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