Dean’s done it!

Super cyclist Dean Pooley has completed his Mitsubishi Electric Burma Cycle Challenge without any apparent permanent damage and raised more than £4,500 for Save The Children in the process. The entire expedition has brought in a running total of £74,100. You can still donate for another eight weeks at Dean’s JustGiving link here.

In fact, such was Dean’s comfort in the saddle that after a particularly gruelling marathon hill climb on Day 5, he had plenty more energy to burn off and volunteered with four others in the ME-UK team to embark on another mountain ride!

Any lingering saddle soreness is unlikely to gain much sympathy on Pooley’s return to the Fleet club office with staff bemused by the many photos of him looking entirely relaxed in the sunshine.

Vice chairman Peter Varney said: “Dean has finished the 450+ kilometres which is a remarkable achievement on a bicycle with stabilisers! As he gained increasing confidence, we are hoping he ditched the stabilisers and completed the final distance more quickly! It is clear from the pictures we were sent that Dean is struggling to enjoy himself and when he gets back he will have some explaining to do.”

Dean’s boss, general manager Dave Archer, merely commented, “He’s obviously having a hard time…!”

The Mitsubishi Electric team now head to Bangkok for some public relations activities where Dean will join them with some club merchandise in tow to boost Fleet’s global brand!

pooley-mountain pooley1 pooley3


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