The final day of our Super Earlybird season-ticket opportunity!

Today is your final chance to take advantage of our Super Earlybird season ticket pricing for 2023/24!

With crowds are rising beyond our current 20% average attendance increase as we head into the final months of the 2022/23 campaign, we wanted to reward your brilliant backing by offering our supporters the earliest earlybird season-ticket this club has ever issued.

We want to take your superb support from 2022/23 into 2023/24 and that’s why we announced a two-week Super Earlybird season-ticket for next season.

And when we say ‘super’, we mean ‘super’ – regardless of which division we are in, purchasing your season ticket for 2023/24 by the end of our sales window on Friday, March 10th, will cost you not a single penny more than our standard season ticket prices from last August.

That’s right, during this Super Earlybird window we are freezing prices on season-tickets yet again for your football next season – be it National League or National League South – and you can take advantage of some huge savings on new matchday prices in 2023/24.

Purchasing in this window will see adult season-ticket holders paying only £10.87 per game next season, with concessions £8.48 and youths £4.35.

After the 10th March, the price will rise to another earlybird season ticket offer through to May 31st (costing £265 / £215 / £100 / £35) and thereafter season tickets will revert to the new standard (prices of those to be confirmed).

Seat reservations can once again be made for the whole season at the price of £1.52 per game (£35 for the season) – but for next season we are adding in the ability to keep your seat for cup games as well as league matches. 

Fleet CEO Damian Irvine said, “Our first commitment three years ago was to listen to our fans, take you with us on this journey and reward your support. We’ve done that with our 75th anniversary season ticket pricing and then rolling over the lockdown season-tickets into 2021/22. At the beginning of this season we made a commitment to freeze prices and now once more, we are offering the potential for huge savings at this season’s prices regardless of where we end up for 2023/24. That’s our commitment to our fans because their commitment to us this season has been second-to-none. Prices are going up across the board everywhere, football clubs are no different, but we owe it to our supporters to give them an opportunity to get the best value they can here as a reward for their hugely welcome loyalty and backing.”

Ebbsfleet United manager Dennis Kutrieb echoed that sentiment. “I say it every game, we are always proud to have our fans with us and we never take the support at home and on long journeys away for granted. They back the boys every Tuesday, every Saturday, and so for the club to make such an early season-ticket offer as this, it shows the togetherness and the willingness to get behind the players and say thanks to the fans at this crucial time. If we go out there in the coming weeks and we know all those fans have made a commitment to be with us into next season as well, then wow, that’s unbelievable, that’s the kind of backing that can help take us all the way.”

To purchase your Super Earlybird ticket at the prices below, click here for online buying or visit us at reception Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. Your new season tickets will be available early in the close season and we will contact you once ready for collection.

Super Earlybird Ticket Prices

Adult: £250

Concession: £195

Youth (12-16): £100

Junior (U12): £35

Seat reservation: £35

For carer ticket applications, please contact info@eufc.co.uk


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