Rejuvenating Gravesham’s market

As you know we try to use these Community Notes to tell Fleet fans about projects in the local community that might be of interest. One such project is Gravesham Borough Council’s refurbishment of Gravesend’s historic Borough Market. Gravesend has one of the oldest surviving markets in the country; its earliest charter dates from 1268. The Council’s plans are moving close to fruition with the announcement made on 10th August that the refurbished market will open for business again in 100 days – on Saturday, 19th November. The Council received a Big Lottery grant of £1.8 million to refurbish and revitalise the Borough Charter Market to transform it into a thriving retail centre and creative hub and it will benefit local businesses and create 35 jobs.

With space for up to 21 permanent stalls, 30 temporary stalls, six temporary food catering stalls and a café, the council has been working to ensure that they are filled by appropriate businesses.

Open-day sessions were held with more than 100 people attending, including stall holders, business start-ups and other independent firms.
Local Production Company CINEMAWORX will be producing a video of Gravesend Borough Market over the next few months. The video will capture the key development stages throughout the coming months including the new glass wall, restoration of the old doors, the construction of the stalls, and painting of the timber window frames. The film will feature the finished project and will be released on the day of opening, 19th November.

See more photos here.


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