“Performances need to turn into wins…”

Daryl McMahon admitted to sounding “like a broken record” following Fleet’s one-goal defeat at home to Sutton United but said his side needed to quickly turn their performances into victories.

“We’ve got the ball most of the time,” McMahon told BBC Radio Kent’s Charles Webster. “Go back and watch the four games we’ve played, the other teams don’t have many chances against us. It’s about us now turning it into goals and I’ve no doubt we will. We’ve got too many good players not to. But we’ve got to do it quick, you’ve got to turn these performances into wins.

“We had numerous opportunities, especially early on, to go into the lead. I’m a bit like a broken record at the minute. I think we need to score when we’re on top, I think the first 35 minutes it was all us. We miss too many chances at the minute. That first period we were well on top and if you score a goal, it’s probably a different game. Probably the same as Chesterfield but it’s still a defeat and we’ve got to do better.”

Sutton’s goal was something of a self-inflicted wound by the Fleet but McMahon isn’t one to lay blame on individuals. “Powelly’s had another good game tonight,” he said. “He’s got on the ball and made us tick. It’s a mistake, they happen. He’s a young player learning his trade, he’s a fantastic young player as well. That’s 101 games for us tonight, he won’t be happy with his 101st but it happens in games, to every single footballer.”

The Fleet manager acknowledged Sutton’s strengths in defence as his side failed to break down the visitors’ back line but he was frustrated that once again chances weren’t rewarded with goals.

“They’re a very good side, they had a great season last season and I’m sure they’ll have another good one this season,” he said. “But for me, we’ve got to be better in the final third. We worked the ball in again numerous times, we’ve got crosses going over the bar, not enough people in the box sometimes when good crosses do come in. We probably had four or five crosses that went across the six-yard box and to the other side of the park. It doesn’t seem to happen against us. We’ve conceded three poor goals, Ashmore’s made two saves in four games and we’ve lost two matches. We’ve dominated but we’ve got to turn it into goals. And we will. In terms of creating the opportunities to score goals, we are.

“We moved it alright from midfield into Corey and Keds. I don’t think that was a problem for us tonight. As the game went on a bit longer, they were defending on their 18-yard box so there is no space unless we’re getting it wide and trying to cross. You’re hoping someone picks up the seconds and gets us a goal. Again, from the performance point of view, I want us to be better in the final third. I’m happy with the performance, not the result.”

Skipper Dave Winfield returned to the lineup as one of three changes and McMahon felt his captain coped well.

“Dave did alright, it’s tough coming in for your first one. So far this season, in terms of where we are, this year compared to last year we’re a far better team. I think you can see that already with the confidence in this group in terms of going into the games and taking control of the ball, wherever we go, we’re positive in what we do.

“If I’m standing here and we haven’t created chances, I’d be scratching my head thinking where do we go from here. The fact of the matter is we’ve dominated the game. Forget the scoreline for a minute…. I know, we’re judged on results obviously… my mantra is that if you perform well, you win games of football. And we’ve got to keep performing like we are and stay confident and keep doing what we’re doing.”

Listen to the interview below.


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