Fleet training hit by building works

The club training ground at AEI has been closed for an unspecified period.

We were informed of ongoing building works on the site that are causing health and safety issues – as a result the entire facility has been closed as of Monday.

This completely unexpected move has come as a shock and will undoubtedly cause additional problems for the squad at a very difficult time. Until this can be resolved properly the team will be training on an ad hoc basis, sometimes at Stonebridge Road, at local sporting facilities and perhaps at Fleet Leisure.

All options will need to be explored over the next couple of weeks and when a suitable permanent alternative is found, the club will notify fans.

On Tuesday, Fleet vice chairman Roly Edwards confirmed to Kent News that the club was looking to potentially share training facilities with Charlton: “We need to investigate the possibilities and we have been talking to all sorts of people including Charlton. They haven’t said yes or no yet, but there is a chance we could train up there once or twice a week.”


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