Fleet soldier on… despite Sporting Lisbon!

Fleet are gearing up for Saturday’s friendly v Shrewsbury Town in Portugal with a further set of gruelling training sessions at the club’s pre-season base.

Peter Danzey reports that another intense training workout concluded on Thursday and the players worked extremely hard beneath a cloudless sky. That said, a few of the Fleet personnel couldn’t help but feel a bit miffed on learning that the Algarve was not quite as hot as Gravesend was today!

Nonetheless, the temperature out here was still around 26° C.

Everyone in the squad continues to blend well under the watchful eye of Macca and his staff (main picture above) and the fitness gurus report that the players are getting fitter by the day with running work, followed by training on the ball, doing much to shake out any close-season rust in the system.

After training the players split into two groups with one set off to the gym whilst the others returned to the hotel; they will swap around again before the evening session at 5.30pm.

We are now using a different venue for our pitchwork as Sporting Lisbon have turned up and are on the hotel pitch! But the new venue is excellent – and it was good enough for Wales to use before their game against Portugal in last year’s Euros.

Peter and Maggie Danzey (well, mainly Maggie!) are hard at work on the kit and laundry side of things, meanwhile,  with fresh training kit available every session for the playing squad (see photo below).


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