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My Dad Bruce Hawkins, he played as a young man for Glentoran (NI) before coming to England and played for the Army during the war. He started watching the Fleet just after WW2 with an Army mate and he first brought me to SBR for an evening game, when I was 8 years old (1966) and I’ve have been a supporter ever since. He was a great supporter of the Fleet over many years through the good times & bad. He last attended a game in 1998 before moving up to Aylesbury near me and sadly passed away in January 2006.

Here’s to you Dad, I’m sure you are still watching us.

– submitted by Kevin Hawkins

To Stanley Heath, who passed in 2000 aged 92 and who served Gravesend & Northfleet during the late 1950s and during the 1960s as Treasurer of the Supporter’s Association.

– Submitted by Gary Butcher

A well-known face at the Fleet since he began supporting while at Gravesend Grammar School, Dave worked as a chartered accountant and in between times set up the Fleet’s first ever website and fans forum, a job he did for almost 10 years.

A halfway liner for many years and latterly resident behind the Plough End goal, Dave had many friends among the Fleet supporters and his passing in 2020 came as a huge shock to many.
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A Gravesend local and lifelong supporter of the club – he passed away very suddenly at the end of July 2021, having been a season-ticket holder for a number of years.

– submitted by Judith Johnson

Born a stone’s throw from the ground and a lifelong supporter of the club. Will be missed by his family and friends.

– Submitted by Glenn

Aged 84
Ardent supporter of the Fleet for many, many years. The Plough End, second row from the back. Will always remember your chatter Georgie.

– Submitted by Del Sowter

‘Big Si’ Merton: a dedicated Fleet fan – home and away – taken far too soon.

– Submitted by Dave Comley

26/06/1986 – 20/08/2021
Remembering Karl, a truly amazing son, grandson, brother, father, uncle and partner. Fleet supporter since 2003, forever supporting the reds.

– Submitted by Jade Midgeley

Born in Ireland but grew up in the East End and evacuated as a child during the war, he came to Gravesend after serving 12 years in the Royal Navy, attending Fleet games in the late Fifties and Sixties, although West Ham was his first love.

He took me aged eight to my first Fleet match against Stafford Rangers in 1981.

– Submitted by Ed Miller

Patricia Mockett, daughter in law of my grandfather Frank Mockett who played for Gravesend United.

– submitted by Andrew Charlton

My uncle, who was head of lower school and a French teacher at St John’s in Gravesend. Originally from Yorkshire, after serving in Burma in WW2 he married and settled in Gravesend and attended the very first Fleet game in 1946. A season-ticket holder ever since, he sat in the old stand in the seat right behind the Directors’ Box

He spent many years trying to get me to attend Stonebridge Road and I finally crumbled and went with him in 1988 – he died at the end of that season following promotion but had passed on the baton of support to me in his final year.

– Submitted by Ed Miller

Popular former turnstile operator at Stonebridge Road and a smiling face who greeted home and away fans for many years at the Fleet.

As a junior he was on the books of Northfleet United before the Second World War and continued to support the newly merged club from 1946.

My late mum Kath Peace, one of the three redoubtable old battleaxes in the old stand giving no quarter to bad opponents or poor refs and linos. She sat with Pat Jeffrey ( Pip’s mum) and Annette Goodall.

– submitted by Gary Peace

Leslie William Peck : 11/08/1931 – 29/03/2016
My dad’s name was Leslie Peck, a lifelong supporter from when his family moved to Swanscombe from Newcastle.

When my dad met my mum, who was from a Swanscombe family, the first date he took her on was to watch Gravesend & Northfleet, something my grandad ribbed him about for many years.

Sadly ill health prevented him from going to matches from his late 50s onwards but he would follow the Fleet by listening on Radio Kent and reading reports in the local press and it would be the first thing he would talk to me about when I visited.

– Submitted by Ray Peck

Passed away 2017.
In loving memory of Chris Pilkinton who dedicated his life to following and supporting Ebbsfleet. Gone but never forgot and always sadly missed.
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– submitted by Sophie Matton

27/03/1945 – 01/08/2021
A former Fleet manager from 1985 until 1987, he had played for West Ham as a youth and then from 1960-67. Also with Crystal Palace and Colchester, he was also a first-class cricketer for Essex.

He managed Wealdstone, Dulwich and led Dagenham to FA Trophy success before becoming Fleet boss, beginning the process of building a side that would win promotion under his assistant Dennis Moore. In later life, he scouted for Ipswich Town and Spurs.

28/10/51 – 29/1/21.
He was a lifelong Fleet supporter fondly remembered by all of us and his sister, Joan, who will attend the Memorial Match in his memory.

– submitted by John Burgess and Joan Preston


Jean lived opposite the ground and her father repaired the players’ leather boots and footballs. She married Terry, also from Stonebridge Road, to become a true supporter’s wife to a lifelong Fleet fan.

– submitted by Richard & Julie Bower

Terry was a loyal supporter of the Fleet from his first match in the late 1930s to his last in 2020. His proudest moment was watching his team win at Wembley.

– submitted by Richard & Julie Bower

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