Win a signed shirt for best Jordan lookalike

Stay Home, Be Holmes.

That’s the message this Bank Holiday weekend as Fleet goalkeeper Jordan Holmes is challenging young Fleet fans to dress up as him – and he’ll choose the best lookalike of himself to receive a signed shirt.

Start off easy with gloves or Fleet kit and take it to the next level by adding man-bun, luxurious blonde locks, a light beard growth, headband and more for the full ‘Holmes Effect’.

The more creative your hairband the better!

We want to see your Jordan efforts – mums and dads can compete for the glory as well as their kids, though we’ll be giving the shirt away to one of the kids.

So you have a whole long weekend to perfect your Jordan Holmes costume. Send them in via Twitter, Instagram, private message and tag Jordan and the club account in and the Fleet ‘keeper will pick a winner to be announced on Tuesday morning.

Fake Jordan on the PES computer game – now’s your chance to dress up as your own fake Fleet keeper!


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