When David met Dennis

“Our Fleet, Our People.” That’s the message behind the Fleet’s latest season-ticket campaign but it runs deeper than that as the club continues initiatives to strengthen the links with fanbase and community.

And it’s not just a slogan as David Preston found out when he went to renew his season ticket. 

With Dennis Kutrieb in place at the Kuflink Stadium over the past fortnight, the Fleet manager is as keen as anyone to establish personal links with the supporters who will watch his new-look side take to the pitch very soon.

David is a lifelong Fleet supporter counting more than 60 years of red and white devotion. As many of his fellow fans will know, he has been battling cancer for a while but with an ever-positive outlook, he has declared his determination to recover so he can support the club in person as soon as it is safe for him to do so.

Fans may have noticed the Fleet boss’s enthusiastic postings on social media following his arrival in Kent, including a number of encounters with unsuspecting supporters queuing at the ticket-office window for their season tickets!

And David was one of those waylaid by Dennis this week, given a great surprise with the manager quick to decamp from his office to chat about his arrival, ambitions and signings to date as David awaited his ticket renewal… all carried out while maintaining social-distancing and Covid protocols of course!

The two men had a long chat together and David was grateful for the off-the-cuff opportunity to meet Dennis, saying: “I really liked what I heard from Dennis and his gracious approach gave me a great boost and made me more determined to get back to full health and rejoin my ‘football family’ at The Fleet.”

I’m sure Fleet supporters will join us in wishing David well and we look forward to him returning with all of us to his second home at the Kuflink Stadium as soon as allowed.


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