Updated Covid measures

For Saturday’s game v Bath City and until further notice depending on Government guidelines, we have had to return to and update some regulations with regard to Covid.

The FA has released a statement to all clubs outlining any new measures that need to be adopted. Most of them apply to events with attendances in excess of 4,000 and 10,000 spectactors, or for indoor events. But the following measures to note as far as our level of football is concerned are as follows:

• No Covid passports required for entry as we fall below the 4,000-attendance limit for that.

• The wearing of face coverings outside are optional but recommended – especially for anybody with additional health concerns.

• When inside the premises (Main Stand bar, social club etc), face coverings should be worn when moving around. They may be removed if seated/standing at your table/drinking and eating – and social distancing should be observed.

• There is to be no standing by the bar after drinks have been ordered.

In terms of isolation and staying away from public spaces, this is a reminder of the current government Covid-19 advice:

• Fully vaccinated (two doses) contacts of someone with Covid-19 are not legally required to self-isolate but are strongly advised to take a rapid lateral flow test every day for 7 days. This means that if this guidance is followed, contacts do not need to self-isolate.

• If you develop symptoms or if your LFT is positive, you must take a PCR test and if this is positive, you need to self-isolate for 10 days.

• Unvaccinated contacts are not eligible for the daily LFT exemption and if they are a contact of someone with Covid-19, they must self-isolate for 10 days.

Clubs and in turn supporters are asked to remain vigilant in enforcing and co-operating with these new rules and we continue to observe good practice measures to assist in reducing the risk of transmission.

As has been the case previously, the situation is fluid and measures may require updating. Currently there no restrictions in hospitality, capacity limits, domestic travel arrangements or regional tiers and with no further proposed restrictions at this time, all fixtures are to continue as normal, subject to existing Covid postponement measures.

Please read the Government website on Covid advice if you have any further concerns or queries.


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