Swanscombe End to reopen for Woking game

The Swanscombe End will remain shut for Saturday’s game at home to Solihull Moors and reopen in full for the visit of Woking on Tuesday, February 20th.

Although all structural work has been completed, the club is awaiting a delivery of emergency lighting before we can obtain the final safety certificate sign-off, which will now happen during next week.

The new crush barriers are fully in place and the entire block of terracing has undergone supportive grouting and filling of any previous voids beneath the structure. In addition, a new turnstile at that end, plus new exits, lighting and signage have all been added.

It now brings the Kuflink Stadium’s capacity up above 4,700 to fulfil National League requirements and satisfy the conditions of any EFL application. Furthermore, when work on the Plough End begins, the raised Swanscombe End capacity means the Kuflink Stadium will be much better able to accommodate larger crowds.


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