Stadium update 10.09.2016

Some 15 weeks ago we witnessed the demolition of the Liam Daish Stand with its host of nice memories over a long period of time. But that was the past and now we look to the future. Following the demolition, there was extensive groundwork and we have been through trenching, excavation, drainage and piling (176 piles in total) along with many other elements that go into bringing a structure out of the ground. These are all significant works but don’t particularly catch the eye because they are all happening underground.

The past two weeks have given us something to be excited about. The steel framework has been delivered to site and is going up rapidly.

Construction of the superstructure itself has been divided into four quarters due to the narrow nature of the site we are working with. This way it allows several trades to overlap each other on site before moving on to the next section. Now seeing the framework going together and rising up, it gives an overview of how imposing the new main stand will be once complete.

With the work schedule moving along in the way it is, we will gain access to the seating deck towards the end of November which will give a taste of what the new main stand will have to offer.

And later this month we will issue details of the various packages on offer so keep your eyes peeled for news on that.


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