Stadium update 09.11.2016

They say a week is a long time in politics. Well it is also in construction…

Since the win over Truro at the weekend, the seats have started to go in and work on the roof should also be getting under way.

Last week TSP made significant progress: the blockwork on the stand frontage is really taking shape and the roof insulation panels are going in. The blue netting you saw on Saturday is a temporary health and safety feature to protect the workforce working below the roof. Scaffolding to allow first-floor blockwork to go up is also now in place.

You will also see the concrete dividers which separate the various sections of seating – general seating, sponsors’ seating, directors’ seating, media seats and home and away dugouts. All seats in the new stand will be numbered, unlike other areas of the stadium.

Finally, I am now off to Vietnam and Cambodia to do my bit for the Save The Children Fund. I can only hope that those standing in for me in the
supervision of the stand step up to the plate!

Meanwhile, pictured below is an example of the view from the sponsors’ seating to give you an idea of the elevation from that area.



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Dean Pooley

Dean Pooley

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