‘Seventeen cup finals’ says Jamie

Jamie Day spoke of having ’17 cup finals’ this morning in an interview with BBC Radio Kent. The Fleet boss spoke ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Sutton on the Radio Kent Breakfast Show as he slowly winds down the squad overhaul undertaken in the last week or two.

“The chairman said to assess the squad and if you need to improve it, go and improve it,” Day said. “Obviously we’ve done that over the last couple of weeks.

“When I originally took the job I thought it would just be one or two changes but after a couple of weeks I thought we needed to get a bit more quality in and the chairman’s allowed me to do that so I haven’t wasted any time with it.

“There’s a limit [to who we can bring in] but the chairman’s said if you need it, we’ll do our best to do it. We had a list of players that we wanted and we managed to get most of those players on that list so I’m pleased. We’ve made a lot of changes in a short space of time and we’re hoping they gel pretty quickly because we haven’t got a lot of the season left.

“Tom Bonner’s coming in today and then we’ve got the players to carry us through until the end of the season.

“I just want to get the best players we can afford to our club and I don’t want to upset any other clubs. I just want to try to get out of the Conference South if we can this season. If good players become available and they’re within our wage structure, then I’ll try and bring them to the club.

“Realistically, with the squad we’ve got, we’ve got to be looking to get into the play-offs. Bromley and Boreham Wood have got a big gap at the top so I think it’s out of those two to get automatic promotion. We’ve got good players in but it doesn’t guarantee we’re going to get into the play-offs, we’ve got to hit the ground running. It’s 17 cup finals to get into the play-offs and obviously we’ve got the quality to do that but it’s not guaranteed to happen.”


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