Rance’s recipe for success

It’s been six months since his only other goal for the club so Dean Rance decided to take matters into his own hands to double his tally against Farnborough yesterday.

Fleet boss Steve Brown revealed to BBC Radio Kent’s Charles Webster that the midfielder, whose only other goal (against Basingstoke) came via a long-range strike from outside the box, had been desperate for more involvement in the opposing penalty area.

“Dean has been asking me for about a month if he can get in the box for corners,” Brown explained. “He was the holding player on the edge of the box but if someone comes to see me and says, ‘Can we change the edge of the box, I think I’m more effective attacking the ball than I am on the edge’, you have to listen. And we listened and we gave him a chance and today he’s popped up with a great header between the two centre halves.

“Some managers would say no, you’re edge of the box, that’s your position but we had a look in training at a couple of things and Dean does attack it quite well. He does go in there a little bit like a ghost figure and people don’t really pick him up because he’s not seen as a great threat in the air.

“Today the run was good, the ball in was good, a simple task maybe in that it was three or four yards out, but a good header.”

Although Anthony Cook bagged the man of the match award, plenty of fans praised Rance’s performance after the final whistle. His goal aside, a standout and well-timed challenge inside the box during the second half helped nullify any chance of Farnborough getting back into the game.


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