Proven, physical, technical… and a goalscorer!

It’s been a long summer of “Have you signed a striker yet?”-type questions for Daryl McMahon who has patiently batted them away as he and the club worked hard behind the scenes to attempt to get their targets over the line.

A couple of players have come and gone, mainly to EFL clubs, with the Fleet boss adamant he wasn’t going to fill the position with any available striker just to appease the clamour to fill the gap. And now McMahon has got a deal over the line for a proven National League player who he’d originally set his sights on earlier in the year.

“He’s a proven player at this level, a good age at 26, good physicality and good mobility,” McMahon told “Technically he’s very good and to top all that, he’s a very good goalscorer! He fits the profile of what we’re looking for.”

The Fleet had attempted to prise Cheek away back in January when his teammate Corey Whitely signed from Dagenham but at the time, the striker opted to see out the first season of his contract.

“We tried to get him earlier in the year and we agreed a transfer in January,” McMahon explained. “But he opted to stay then. He’d only just gone to Dagenham and he wanted to help them out with their problems at the time which is admirable of him and shows his character. But thankfully we’ve done the deal now just before the season starts.”

And any doubts that a signing on the eve of the big kick-off might enter the building a little less sharp than his new teammates was immediately dismissed by the Fleet manager.

“He’s played every game or thereabouts for Dagenham in pre-season,” McMahon said. “He scored two on Saturday against Hemel, so he comes fit and ready to go and just has to settle in with our squad which should be no trouble. We’re all looking forward to this season now and I hope the fans are too and turn up in numbers and in volume on Saturday.”


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