Programme Notes 11.04.15

Here we are in our penultimate home game after a couple of results that have just about kept us in the mix. But while we’ve done well in the last couple of games, we know Whitehawk are a good team and only need five points, possibly fewer, and that’s without mentioning the other teams who are in a better position than us to get the points required. We’ll keep going, I want to finish this season on a high, but we’d still need to get another four wins and even then rely on other teams. So while last weekend’s results have kept it alive a little bit, I know deep down that it will take a lot of luck – and that’s aside from us needing to be exceptionally good from now to the end of the season.

The first 25 minutes of the Whitehawk game, the way they passed and moved the ball around, that was something we need to be getting close to. But credit to the boys, they stuck in there and we changed things a little halfway through to take the pressure off ourselves and after that I thought we were in control of the game. It was a tough game and they had two or three early chances and if one of them had gone in, it might have been a different story – but I think we deserved the win.

Michael West and Aiden Palmer have put a lot of hours in at the gym so it’s especially nice that Westy came on and got a goal straight off. And also that Aiden got through two games and has been superb with it. I’m pleased for them, they’re starting to get their rewards for working hard.

It shows Aiden’s attitude that he wanted to play both games last weekend. At the back of my mind, I was a little bit unsure whether it was too much too soon but he’s come through it. I think in the second half against Whitehawk he got himself through the pain barrier and then in the second half on Monday he was still running and trying to get forward after 80 minutes. He’s got to keep it going but I’m pleased with him and he’s hitting form straight off.

The talking point at Wealdstone was obviously the sending-off of Jefferson Louis. I’ve seen it on the video and I think it’s a red card so I’m not sure what the problem was with it. You can’t swing your elbows around in people’s faces. It wasn’t one of those where they were both pushing for the ball and he’s just caught Matt Fish. I think he did it on purpose. If it was the other way round, I’d be saying the same thing that I think it’s a red card.

Today, Boreham Wood need the points to get away from Bromley. One point isn’t ideal for them so hopefully they’ll come out and have a go. I thought they were a good side at their place, they’ve got players that score goals and decent wingers. If it’s an open game, it could work for us and hopefully we can continue our recent form. At Meadow Park we played 3-5-2 on the day which was a little bit forced on us by injuries and the make-up of the squad at the time but we’ll approach it slightly differently at home. We’ve obviously changed the squad a lot since that corresponding game, I think we might only have three or four players today who played in that one, but we’ve worked on a few things shape-wise over the last couple of weeks and with that and us taking our chances as we did last week, then hopefully we can push on against the league leaders.

It was positive news about the stadium planning going through this week. When as a player you see what’s going on, then you want to be part of that. When you’ve got what we have off the pitch, the setup and the future plans, then if you’re a player there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to come here if you’re prepared to play in the South. Potentially, where you could be playing is what you’ve got to look at. We’re not going to chop and change too much in the summer, just add a little bit more quality, and the stadium build is another enticement for people to come here.

Enjoy the game.


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