Pooley pedals home

Dean Pooley has touched down in the UK once more after completing his second charity cycle trek in aid of Mitsubishi Electric’s Save The Children fundraiser.

Dean cycled 555km through Vietnam and Cambodia to add £4,000 of funds to Mitsubishi’s overall running total of £117,000. Along the way, there was an intriguing sample of food on offer that included goat, snake and tarantula – all possibilities for the menu in the new hospitality lounge, Dean assures us!

In brutal conditions and temperatures beyond 36°C, the Mitsubishi team completed the gruelling journey and ended the week at the company’s factory in Thailand where as you can see pictured above, the participants flew the Fleet flag (or more accurately, the shirt). There was also time for a football match to round off proceedings between Mitsubishi UK and their Thai counterparts. We’re assuming Dean didn’t score as we’d have heard about it otherwise.

Dean and Mitsubishi Electric are still accepting sponsorship on behalf of Save The Children so if you head over to the donation page here, any contributions will be more than welcome.

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