Pitch incursions harming club

Following two incursions on to the pitch in recent games, Ebbsfleet United FC will be required to answer to the Football Association which understandably takes a very dim view of such incidents.

What may seem like a bit of fun to some people can unfortunately have severe repercussions for the club and in turn the overwhelming majority of our well-behaved supporters.

In the short term, the club will be discussing with the Fleet Supporters Trust about increasing the height of fencing around the Plough End of the stadium where both incidents occurred as it is not financially viable nor desirable to ring the pitch with dozens of stewards – but at the same time we will be reviewing our stewarding and response procedures.

The simple fact of the matter, however, is that nobody should be entering the field of play for any reason at any time and if two supporters had adhered to this ruling, we would not be in the position we find ourselves in. Anybody entering the field of play will be automatically issued with bans from the club.

Fleet’s vice chairman Peter Varney said: “Unfortunately a very small number of idiots are spoiling things for the overwhelming majority of supporters and this has to stop. There will be automatic life bans for this behaviour and we are looking at increasing the height of fencing at the Plough End. I appreciate this may not be popular with supporters but we have to demonstrate to our governing bodies that we are doing all we can to deal with this moronic behaviour which is tarnishing the good name of the club and penalising the club financially.”


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