Peter Varney outlines Fleet plans in radio interview

Fleet vice chairman Peter Varney spoke of how the look of Stonebridge Road would “change very quickly” and how “it was a very exciting club at the minute” in an interview with BBC London 94.9 on the station’s Saturday evening sports show. He confirmed the club would be run in a financially responsible way – “a little bit like Charlton was over the years” – and how recent media comparisons to a “mini Monaco” were wide of the mark.

Highlighting the need to make steady progress on the pitch hand in hand with community and stadium development off it, he cited matchday admission reductions as only the first step in a plan to encourage greater attendance – with improvement work on the stands to begin before the end of the month.

Listen to an extremely informative 10-minute interview below.

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Use the scroll bar to advance to 4:07:10 to go directly to the interview, which is followed by a view from Supporters Direct.


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