Mystic Mac predicts McQueen’s dazzler

McLean and McQueen may be the perfect rhyming couplet for a strike force but it seems there’s more to their partnership than mere poetry.

Aaron McLean told Darren McQueen before the game that he was going to be the player to send Ebbsfleet United into the National League and he was as good as his word.

“Before the match Aaron McLean said, you’re going to come on, you’re going to score the wining goal, you’re going to win the play-offs for us. Those were his exact words. And he said it in the semis as well!” McQueen told BBC Radio Kent’s Matt Cole.

“Mystic Mac they call me!” McLean responded. “Obviously I would have rather scored the winner!”

McQueen described the goal that hit his pre-season target of 20 as a moment he will cherish forever. “The goal in the semis was a better goal, I’ll definitely remember, that’ll be a better goal to remember but this one, the feeling, it mattered the most. This will be the one I remember for the rest of my life.

“Literally I just stretched out my leg, it hit the inside of my boot, good connection and it’s just gone through the keeper’s legs and then it was all a blur after that, the best feeling of my career so far. I could just hear roars and see my teammates around me. The feeling of scoring goals is just the best feeling in my opinion and to help the team get promotion, that’s what I came to do. I’ve got 20 goals as well so I definitely hit my targets.”

The 22-year-old, who has been fearless in front of goal all season, said he wasn’t overly concerned by Fleet being reduced to 10 men. “Even when the sending off happened, we’ve got the heart so I don’t think it really fazed anyone too much, maybe for the first two or three minutes but then we knew we were still the better team, even with 10 men. Once they scored, I think that just uplifted the whole team and then once we had one goal, we knew we’d get another and thankfully it was me to get it.

“Even with 10 men we were still the better team and still outplayed them, so well done to all the boys, especially Yado Mambo coming on…”

At that point, McQueen’s interview was gatecrashed by McLean and Mambo, with the latter predicting big things for the match winner: “I’m happy for Daz to come on and score the winner, buzzing for him,” Mambo said. “He works hard in training, that’s all he does. We know he can finish and he’s going to get to another level if he keeps going. I’m banking on him to play in the Premier League so I get some money! For me to get on for the last 15 I was over the moon. It was amazing, I’m lost for words.”

Listen to the full interview below.


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