MyFC aims to boost Luton gate

MyFC member Roca, who played a big part in Fleet’s ‘Roly60’ campaign that helped sign Moses Ashikodi and Alex Stavrinou, has begun another pledge aimed at boosting the home gate for the March 20 clash with Luton Town.

With an attendance of over 1,100 turning up for the Barrow game and the Fleet generally thought to be playing some of their best football in recent times, there is evidence of increasing support. With no home match until the big one against Luton Town on March 20, there is plenty of time for us to really swell the ranks among home fans.

What?s the plan?

Luton Town informed club officials that we could expect their travelling support to number between 1,500 to 2,000. So, let?s outnumber them and help sell out Stonebridge Road!

If you can’t make it to the match, MyFC is appealing for support online. Join the pledge here – – with the aim of donating 1,000 tickets for this match! The tickets will be used for several marketing initiatives and will hopefully lead to a further increasing number at the gate. Some 145 pledges have already been made as of writing (three weeks before the match) – we need 855 more to make this work.


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