Morgan feels the togetherness

Albie Morgan may only be on loan until January but like all Fleet’s temporary players, he’s battling for the cause – and believes Saturday’s tough draw against Hartlepool proves the squad has passion and spirit.

“We all work till the end and at the end of it the draw feels like a win because we’ve had to work so hard for it but we deserved it,” the Charlton loanee told Fleet’s Dave Lockwood.

“It was a crazy game but in the first half they were on top and the red card obviously didn’t help us at all. But the result shows what the team’s like here and how we’re all together. We’ve shown we can compete and we’ve got a draw with only 10 men so you’ve got to say that was good.”

Also on the plus side is the 19-year-old’s approach to his time at the Kuflink Stadium: “It’s good,” he said. “I’m here till early January so I’m here to kick on, carry on playing, winning, keep up my fitness and just show Ebbsfleet what I can do. It’s somewhere I can get game time and prove to the manager and fans what I’m capable of.”

Morgan has been given the game time to show what he can do and not only is he committed to helping his new Fleet teammates out of the relegation hole, he knows he’s being constantly monitored by his parent club.

“There’s people from Charlton coming to watch me every game whether it’s staff or people such as Grant Basey who’s got the new first team development coach job at Charlton,” Morgan explained. “He’s been watching and giving reports back to different coaches and managers. So I’m always being looked at and I think that’s a good thing for my development so they can see how well I’m doing (or maybe how well I’m not!).” 

Having played in League One last season, the National League is obviously two steps down from that but the differences are not so acute that Morgan feels he’s not gaining experience.

“There’s a lot of the not so pretty side of the game I’ve got to do certainly, working off the ball,” said Morgan. “Against Hartlepool, I can’t remember how many times I touched it in the second-half, not too many, so it is a lot different but it’s going to benefit me. Football’s not just pretty-pretty, there’s loads of different ways it can be played and we showed against Hartlepool we can play in a not so pretty way as well.

“The pitch for a start is a bit different [at this level]! But the football’s still really competitive, two teams going at it wanting to win. Maybe there’s a little bit of quality difference in terms of long ball a little more often but in my opinion it boils down to the same thing of two teams looking to win and compete for 90 minutes. It’s a game of football at the end of the day which all you want to do is win.”


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