Paying for matchday tickets

Matchday tickets must be purchased before admission – and this is how...

From the beginning of the 2021/22 pre-season, the turnstiles at the Fleet will no longer be accepting cash – you will need a ticket to gain admission to the ground. Matchday tickets can be obtained in one of three ways.

(1) Online ticket purchase
Visit our ticketing website via the link below to order tickets online for upcoming games. The process to purchase online is explained there but should you require any help, please email or call us on 01474 533796. Once purchased, tickets with QR codes are emailed to you and you bring them to the turnstiles to be scanned. You can either print them out or show your phone displaying your tickets/QR codes to the turnstile operators.

There will be a cut-off point before each game for online purchase, the times of which we will advise shortly, after which you will need to obtain your ticket via Method (2) below.

(2) Matchday purchase via ticket windows
We realise the online option is not for everyone so you can of course still buy tickets on matchdays – the only difference is you must do so at the ticket-kiosk windows by the Main Stand reception entrance, instead of at the turnstiles. You will then be supplied with a ticket to take to the turnstiles to gain admission.

(3) Phone/reception orders
You can also ring us on 01474 533796 or call into our reception during office hours (9am-5pm) on weekdays if you would like help with online ticket purchasing.

When purchasing online, tickets will be subject to occasional spot checks to ensure supporters purchase the correct ticket entitlement, so if you are buying concession or age-specific tickets, please ensure you have some form of ID. Our ticket scanners will also be able to challenge anybody obviously misusing the concessionary system.