Macca feels the noise

Fleet boss Daryl McMahon is hoping the club’s noisy away following this season can generate a similar cacophony at home games.

Fleet officials have remarked on the fans’ vocal support at Maidstone last week and the follow-up away game at St Albans last Saturday.

McMahon agreed, telling FleetOnline: “The noise our fans made at Maidstone, it makes such a difference and I don’t think I can put that across strongly enough. Against Maidstone, the Fleet fans were incredible. Sure, it’s a bit of a cliché, the whole 12th man thing, but they really were.

“I’ve got this thing about Ebbsfleet United being together. From the very top down, the whole club has to pull in the same direction to be successful. That’s whether you’re a cleaner, you’re ground staff, a fan, a player, the manager, a board member, you work on the media side, wherever you are in this club, we’ve all got to work together. That is really really important for me. At Maidstone, everyone involved with Ebbsfleet United was incredible. The fans were amazing again at St Albans, we had a lot of them travelling, they made noise and they backed the team again.

“It’s really important at Stonebridge Road, too. Away from home, all together, the noise is more noticeable and some visiting fans do the same when they come to us. It’s maybe natural at home to be quieter. It’s frustrating for supporters sometimes, especially as it’s not easy when teams come here and put 10 men behind the ball and they’re hard to break down, I totally get that. We need everyone on our side throughout those times and the players love to play in front of the sort of crowd that makes a noise like you have in the last two away games.”


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