Letter of the week!

Fleet supporter Alan Woods sent this letter into the club over the weekend and we thought it summed up nicely how we’re all feeling – so we’ve shared it on our website this morning! Thanks Alan!

Although I’ve supported the mighty Fleet since the late Nineties, I’ve never been as exhilarated as when we won the National League South promotion final against Chelmsford on Saturday.

Yes, I attended the previous pinnacles of Bedford and Wembley and Farnborough. But yesterday was something special, very special. I’ve tried to rationalise the enhanced exuberation compared to that invoked by those other great occasions. While all the games were watershed moments in the club’s development, we are for the very first time en route to something a tad greater.

Gone are the days where dreams meant survival in the higher level even if it came from “the Beast” firing a winner on the final game of the season or securing unlimited funds from a misplaced belief that a flawed ownership model could be successful or passing round begging buckets as acceptable to the decent folk for whom this great club sits long and deep in their psyche.

At last, the club has an ownership model that demands and deserves success. The crumbling terraces are being transformed into a Football League venue designed to be self-financing. Our general management and administration is as professional as the football infrastructure and capability demonstrated on the pitch and beyond.

But I sense that there’s something else. There appears to be a desire driven from togetherness, an energy expended from dedication and a confluence of aspiration from the good Doctor that extends through the club and players to us mere mortals for whom promotion was the next step in our dream. Where will we end up? Can we emulate Forest Green or Fleetwood or even Burton?

On a beautiful sunny July Saturday in Deal, I said “This is our season!”

I’ve continued to have that deep feeling over these past ten months and yesterday the mighty Fleet delivered. So I proffer my sincere congratulations to everyone at the club. Believe!


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