Kinnear talking ‘nonsense’ in media reports

Vice Chairman Peter Varney has reacted angrily today to comments attributed in the local media to Dover Athletic manager Chris Kinnear before tomorrow’s clash at Stonebridge Road.

“This is not the first time that the local newspaper in Dover has printed lies about the wages paid by our club and it is quite pathetic and is done deliberately to stir up animosity between the two clubs,” said Varney.

“The irony is that I know for a fact that Dover’s annual player wage bill is higher than ours. Chris Kinnear is quoted today as saying we pay players more than £1,000 a week which is nonsense and I would challenge him to publicly make clear who he is referring to.

“We have a weekly wage cap and no player earns more than that and it is a million miles away from the figure quoted. Chris Kinnear knows that of course but this is all geared to creating animosity towards those players who joined us from Dover in the summer – but the players involved are too professional to let this amateurish tactic affect them tomorrow.”


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