It’s us being us again, says Fleet boss

Daryl McMahon believes his side are back to doing what they do best after notching their third win in succession at Solihull Moors. The Fleet boss told BBC Radio Kent’s Charles Webster that his side have galvanised in the past few weeks after a solid but largely winless start to the campaign.

“There was a little bit of doom and gloom after Tranmere, only drawing against 10 men,” the Fleet boss said. “They put 10 behind the ball for 40 minutes, we were unlucky not to win that game. Sometimes you’ve got to look at games in isolation, each game is different from the other. I know it was whatever it was in terms of however many draws it was in a row. But in isolation it wasn’t a bad performance at that point in time. It set us up to being ourselves again. What’s followed has been Ebbsfleet being Ebbsfleet a little bit more.”

And the Ebbsfleet on show last night certainly suggested as much, dominant in the first half and with the guile to wrap it up under a little bit of pressure in the second.

“The first half we were very, very good,” said McMahon. “I thought we were sloppy to be honest in the first 20 minutes of the second half; [we] allowed them back into the game with a poor goal from our perspective in terms of a goal kick for them straight into our centre half, one ball in behind us, which we spoke about at half-time. But after that we were better.”

There were first goals of the season for Myles Weston and Danny Mills, too, and McMahon says both players have been threatening as much. “[Weston’s] got goals in him, we’ve seen that in the last three or four games,” McMahon said. “He’s had lots of shots, he’s a player that will shoot from 20 yards, he’s got the pace and ability to shift it a couple of yards and get a shot away and he’s been unlucky not to score [up to now]. He’s probably bigger and stronger than Darren, not as quick, but a similar kind of foil for Keds and he’s played that role off Keds at Gillingham… many, many years ago now!

“The reaction from the staff and the players [to Mills’ goal]… we know how hard he works in training and after training. He hasn’t been playing and he’s been doing so much extra work just to keep himself in tip-top shape and ready when his chance comes. I’m over the moon for him that he’s got the goal now and hopefully he can get on a run now as we all know he’s a goalscorer.”


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