Interview: Dennis Kutrieb after Cup clash

Dennis Kutrieb said his side need to create more chances after Chippenham Town’s penalty shootout win in last night’s Emirates FA Cup.

“What really hurt me is when their manager comes after the game and apologises for his win because he said we were a much better team. But it doesn’t matter if you’re bad or good, if you’re the better team or the worst team. It’s all about results. We have to keep our heads up and then we will do it better on Saturday.

“I only see one team playing football and the other team only defence, but in football you have to bring the results and we didn’t bring the results today.”

“We have to recover, we have only a few days so we will talk to the boys, that they have to keep their heads up. I can’t say they didn’t bring their best or they had a bad performance but it’s only about results. We can play on the floor, we can play football, we can create chances but at the end of the day we have to finish and we have to score goals and we didn’t do that and that’s the reason why we are not in the next round.

“We made a big mistake in the first half. To equalise on 89 or 90 minutes was a little bit too late. I think if we had longer we can score another goal. For penalties, it’s always lucky or a little bit unlucky like today, so when you need nine or ten penalties to decide the game… one has to lose, one has to win, that’s football.”

Charlie Rowan was the man who conjured up the Fleet equaliser after Kutrieb sent him forward in the final 10 minutes of the game and the ex-QPR defender’s goal-getting attributes are no secret to the manager.

“I know his abilities, I know that he can score goals and I see it in every training session,” said Kutrieb. “So that was the reason why I said come on, try to score your goal because he’s able to do it. He did it in a friendly as well and that was the reason why we sent him [up front].”

Rowan was one of the changes to the starting lineup on Tuesday evening and Kutrieb wants to see his entire squad prove they deserve their place in the eleven that takes to the field.

“We have a big squad, all of them want to play but all of them have to deserve to play,” he said. “Now it’s a moment where they can play, and they can show that they’re better than the others. It’s all about showing that you are good enough for the squad and that you are prepared to win the game for us. But it was not enough because we didn’t win. The only thing in football is to get the right results. We didn’t get it today.

“The squad is big, we have enough players. We have good players, they want to learn, they want to get better every day and they try their best. Regardless if we win or lose, we need time, it’s not done today.”


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