VIDEO: Dave Archer hopes for fan and community engagement in new stand

In the second interview with Fleet’s commercial director Dave Archer, Keilan Webster of KMTV gets inside the Kuflink Stadium’s new hospitality lounge, boardroom and dressing rooms.

Keilan explains how the stand will host various community programmes including drop-in clinics, mothers-and-toddlers groups and a sound booth for musicians.

“This is part of a community initiative to make the club open to all,” Dave Archer tells KMTV. “And we want to be open to all our fans. It’s not just about the corporates. Fleet fans who want an extra special day, we can offer that to them. They can book a place in this lounge. We don’t think the fee is excessive by modern-day football hospitality standards. We want to make it affordable and open to all.”

The matchday supporters’ restaurant is now open for booking and will operate from our next home game.

See KMTV’s video interview below.


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