Fresh cut for Kresh

There’s more flesh to Kresh these days – at least on the top of his head – after the Fleet midfielder made good on his promise to cut his trademark locks for charity.

The 27-year-old informed social media last month that he’d be chopping his hair in aid of The Little Princess Trust which prompted a surge of fundraising from fans and friends including many at the Fleet, taking Kresh past his initial £500 target and on past £1,000.

The finishing touches were applied to the newly-shorn Kresh and what remained of his hair by Jack Paxman and his busy clippers at the Kuflink Stadium this afternoon, with the current total raised now standing at £1,120 (and feel free to add to that via the link below) – plus the added donation of the cut hair to help in manufacturing a new wig.

The Little Princess Trust provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions. Since 2006, they have provided more than 8,000 wigs and have given grants totalling more than £7 million towards research projects focussed on finding more effective treatments for childhood cancers.

With no employed executives, they rely entirely on supporters, generous donations and heartfelt fundraisers such as the one Kresh has just completed.


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