Fleet’s charity cause let down by eBay auction scammers
Fleet’s charity cause let down by eBay auction scammers

Ebbsfleet United have been disappointed to discover fake eBay bids inflating the auction total for Yado Mambo’s much-publicised No.5 shirt have meant Prostate Cancer UK has been unable to collect the funds intended for it.

The winner of the auction, who had bid £1,650, failed to pay for the shirt despite repeated requests. The club made a second offer to the auction’s runner-up, who had made successive bids from £800 to £1,600, but they too are seemingly fake or dishonest as no reply was received. Both bidders had positive eBay reviews in the past and there was no reason to suspect them during the process.

Under eBay rules, there is little to be done other than leaving a negative review and relisting the item.

Fleet’s vice chairman Peter Varney told FleetOnline, “We organised this auction in good faith and while we realise eBay is not immune to this kind of activity, it is extremely disappointing that several bidders were clearly wasting our time and effectively rendering the whole process pointless due to their actions. Whether their motive was publicity, spite or just mischief, all it has done is harm a well-intentioned charitable cause.

“The winner made four bids in total ranging from £600 upwards and completely ignored the outcome of the auction. The bidder in second place took the bid from £825 all the way up to £1,600 and he or she also did not pay. It is disappointing that the eBay auctions can be abused in this way and it is bad news for the charity in particular. It has soured what was up to now a great story in aid of a good cause.

“We still have the Mambo No.5 shirt available and are considering further options. Lou Bega is also autographing it so anybody who is interested in contributing in return for the shirt can contact me via an email for my attention to info@eufc.co.uk.”

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