Fleet take to the river

Last Tuesday, Stuart and I visited Gravesend Sailing Club where we attended the weekly drill evening with our new community partners, the Gravesend Unit of the Maritime Volunteer Service.

As Stuart mentioned in previous programme notes, the MVS is a recognised national maritime training organisation and a UK-registered charity that provides training and service to local communities, especially in times of need. The evening provided us with the chance to really get to know the Gravesend Unit and what they’re all about.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to take one of the Unit’s boats out on the Thames with the crew but we were both really impressed with the organisation and what they do. One of the areas we’re really keen to support them on is the help they offer young disabled people by giving them opportunities they probably wouldn’t get anywhere else. As our partnership with the MVS grows and future projects between us progresses, you will be the first to know.

As you are all fully aware, the development of the new stand is now in full swing and it is time for me to do some research for the Community Room that is going to be developed within the stand near the Plough End. The room itself is going to be a recording and sound facility where people can come to play and record music or watch a film on one of the allocated movie nights. To make our Community Room the best recording and sound room it can be, I have been doing some research and visiting a couple of local recording studios (Lana Banana Studios, below right, and Abbey Music Studios, below left) where I was able to meet with professionals in the music and sound industry. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Steve from AMS and Dave from LBS for their hospitality and professional music advice.

This is another project you’ll be hearing more about it as it gathers pace.


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