Fleet squad help to kick the habit

The entire Ebbsfleet United squad got behind the Stoptober campaign last week at the club’s Cobdown training ground with the help of the big red Stoptober ball.

Nearly 200,000 people have pledged to take part in Stoptober this year. In the UK, nearly 5% of British men smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day and 7% of pregnant women continue to smoke. This contributes to around 114,000 smoking-related illnesses each year and it remains one of the biggest causes of illness and death.

The Fleet will be trying to help fans ‘kick the habit’ during Stoptober with website stories, posters and a campaign at a home game in October.

If you or a group of fellow Fleet fans want to give it a go, then visit the Stoptober website and register for your free support pack at


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