Fleet rue costly – and crucial – decisions

There was an air of controversy as Fleet returned empty-handed from the trip to North Wales, with both Wrexham’s goals disputed by the Fleet players as the Red Dragons ran out 2-0 winners.

Daryl McMahon was adamant Chris Bush had made a clean tackle on Chris Holroyd before the penalty was awarded and he was none too convinced by the first goal having crossed the line either.

“We watched the video in the changing room,” McMahon said. “The whole of the ball definitely didn’t cross the line, that’s for sure. And the second, the penalty decision is regrettable really. Bush has cleared the ball, it’s a corner kick for Wrexham, he’s given the penalty and most of the ground can see it’s a poor decision from the ref. I’m sure people will see the footage on BT. The ball’s close to the line but when you see it on TV you won’t say all of that ball’s over the line.”

However, McMahon rarely makes a song and dance about refereeing decisions and conceded; “These things happen, we comment on it but we have to live with it and then move on. Hopefully across the season we’ll get a bit of luck as well.”

The refereeing decisions aside, McMahon thought his side deserved a clean sheet that they would have otherwise have earned in a game of few chances – though Fleet did create three or four of their own.

“I thought we played really well,” he said. “I was pleased with our performance, coming away to somewhere like Wrexham and we competed. I’m disappointed with the goals but not the overall performance which I thought was good. Rance hit the post, Bubb missed from a yard out which he probably should have scored from, Kedwell’s earned a great save from the goalkeeper in the first half, we’ve had a few chances. Wrexham probably didn’t have too many themselves apart from the penalty and the ball that probably hasn’t crossed the line. I think we’ve defended well and created chances ourselves. It’s great to come to a place like Wrexham, the only thing I’m disappointed about is the result and the manner of it.”

Vice chairman Peter Varney also made the trip and he told FleetOnline that he was very disappointed with the officials. “We can’t post the video footage until after the highlights go on the League website,” he said. “But they are two key moments in the match, the key moments, and they’ve cost us the game. We’ll be sending the video to the FA on Monday for their comment on the refereeing decisions. Nathan Ashmore is adamant he made the save for the first goal and he was a lot closer to it than the assistant referee! It’s disappointing when the defence and the goalkeeper come all this way, do their jobs for 90 minutes, yet they’re undone by two decisions that aren’t their fault.”


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