Fleet players in condition on day one

Fleet players shrugged off yesterday’s long day of travel as they were put through their paces in a series of training and gym sessions today.

Macca’s training sessions on a Tuesday during the season are known affectionately as “Terror Tuesdays” and the Fleet management team turned this one into “Mad Monday” on the first proper day’s training in Portugal.

The morning session, in temperatures already touching 27° C, focused on a conditioning attack vs defence session plus aerobic conditioning (see short video clip below).

After a lunch break and a short coach ride to the local town, Quarteira, the squad did their first strength session at the local Champions gym. Nathan Ashmore’s attempts to lift the first set of weights (see below) almost resulted in the Fleet keeper taking part of the floor with him as well!

The final 1hr 20min session of the day saw the boys back on the training ground and involved small-sided games (2 v 2 and 7 v 7).

First-team coach David Jupp was impressed by the intensity and quality of the training at such an early stage and he is delighted with the condition the players have returned in. He added “it all bodes well for the rest of the week”.


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