Fleet launch new website

We have given our website a makeover this summer, one of the main reasons being to better integrate our events/corporate facilities which can now be found at or via the EVENTS entry in the navigation menu above.

We have simplified much of the front page into sections to hopefully improve the navigation to the most popular pages, which can all be found in the navigation menu, while an A-Z navigation is also available via the floating green search tab to the right. Our online store now uses the secure global Stripe payment system instead of taking you out of the site to purchase via Paypal.

With our previous website appearing dated in places, the brief for this new version was to make the layout cleaner and wider and for our commercial sections in particular to impart the information in a much more attractive, easier-to-digest manner.

We apologise for the downtime during Tuesday: this was unavoidable after errors crept in when transferring the new site into place (while another three hours were lost waiting for England to despatch Colombia!).

We still have a little work to do to improve the mobile viewing experience but that will be ongoing through July. It is no small task to migrate thousands of archived news stories and images, with some sections rebuilt from scratch including the new player profiles. Please be patient if you experience any difficulties as we are managing this project alongside several others during the summer. It is an ongoing process, so if you notice anything missing or broken, please email


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