Fleet boss answers fans’ questions

The club arranged for Dennis Kutrieb to throw open his doors and field questions from two Fleet supporters yesterday morning as he and the football world edges nearer to a return to action.

YouTubers and Fleet supporters Ben Brown and Nathan Holt were granted access to Kutrieb by the club and plugged into separate Zoom calls to probe the manager’s thoughts on a range of subjects including his footballing philosophy, Fleet’s season ahead, approach to player recruitment, his insight into likely opposition clubs and players as well as his ambitions as he prepares for his first season in English football.

“I feel very excited when I’m thinking about the first game,” Kutrieb told Nathan Holt. “When we talk about the future everybody is being prepared and working to be successful and I want to bounce back into the National League. But I’m not one for big talking, I don’t want to be the one to say we’ll be first in the league, that’s not the right way.

“The right way is to show humility, work hard every day. I want to have the right characters with good attitudes because we have to stay tight together for the next 10-12 months – not only the team, but the fans as well, everybody.”

And the Fleet boss also spoke to Ben Brown, telling him: “Talking about five-year [plans] in football is too far away. We have work to do at the moment. We achieve our goals in one year before we talk about the next steps. For the next steps, we need to go the first step. When we achieve this, then we can think about [further ahead].”

The interview with Ben Brown can be viewed here.

And the Q&A with Nathan Holt is here.


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