Final ticketing: National League statement

The National League issues the following statement in relation to the general arrangements and more specifically ticketing for The Vanarama National League South Promotion Final to be played at Ebbsfleet United on Saturday 14th May 2016 vs Maidstone United.

The Rules of The National League provides that the highest club left after the semi finals have been played will host the Final. Accordingly the whole matter of ticketing and other safety issues to be considered will ultimately be the responsibility of the locally appointed Safety Advisory Group and importantly Kent Police who cover both clubs.

A planning meeting has taken place between all parties, including officials of both the clubs and it is confirmed that

♦ due to on- going building works at Stonebridge Road and
♦ supporters of the two clubs must be segregated and
♦ it is classed as an ALL TICKET match and
♦ allocation of tickets will be strictly controlled

whilst The National League recognises the general accessibility to a match ticket maybe disappointing to supporters of Maidstone United, decisions have had to made on grounds of safety and after careful consideration these are required to be enforced by all involved in the conduct and arrangements for the Final.

As to actual terms and conditions of sale and issue of those tickets available for purchase, these will be in accordance with not only National League policy (which we confirm the allocation to Maidstone United is above the minimum required) but will also meet the regulations under which both Ebbsfleet United and Maidstone United are required to adopt. These are not only those as laid down by the authorities overseeing safety and control of match arrangements; but each will be required to meet with their own club policies re matches which are declared all ticket.

The National League has no power to instruct otherwise.

It is advised that those who do possess a ticket for this Final ensure they act responsibly and show respect to all involved. Finally we ask that supporters allow sufficient time and the necessary travel arrangements to be in the stadium in time for kick off at 3.00pm.


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