Aldershot segregation explanation

Statement from the club about using the Stonebridge Road stand for away fans…

The Club is very much aware that the exceptional
circumstances surrounding the segregation of the Aldershot game have
caused a lot of unrest amongst its’ supporters. We are not happy when
the fans feel this way and can totally sympathise with any

Before any fixture where it is expected a gate well
above the normal average may be attending, a risk assessment is carried
out by the club’s Safety Advisory Group. This group is made up of the
fire service, who are the issuer of the safety certificate, the police,
local authority, ambulance service, football licensing authority and
club representatives. A full risk assessment was put in place for the
Aldershot FA Trophy semi final and this has been used as the basis for
tonight’s game. However, there are some new factors that affect this
game, namely that intelligence has indicated there could be as many as
2,500 Aldershot supporters that want to attend. The Swanscombe End and
part of the Main Stand that we allocate to away fans only has a
capacity of 850 under the safety certifictate. Under the exceptional
circumstances surrounding this game it is not considered safe to
restrict the away support to this number. Even if the away end had been
made all-ticket, it is likely that very large numbers would turn up
without tickets. The fire service and police have decided that to
manage this possible away contingent they need to allocate extra space
along the Stonebridge Road terrace.

There are many unusual factors
that have led to this decision and, despite recognising there is
understandable anger, the Club ask that the supporters show some
understanding of this.
It was thought it would be necessary to allow
the away fans to use most of the Stonebridge Road terrace.

because of revised estimates of exactly how many away fans might come
and because the club has offered to pay for many additional police and
stewards, we can now guarantee that one quarter of the covered part of
the Stonebridge Road terrace (and the uncovered section in front of the
club shop) will be used by home fans. The opposite quarter is available
for away fans. The middle half under cover will be an initial sterile
area. Once the number of away fans attending is clearer on the night,
this sterile area will be reduced and home or away fans allowed to move
more towards the centre. There will though be a sterile area of some
kind in this terrace.

This is not perfect, but is a bit of a
one-off. Let’s show an understanding of the work the safety authorities
need to carry out and concentrate on supporting the team and making
more noise than normal.


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Ed Miller

Ed Miller

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