MyFC votes in favour of deal

MyFootballClub members have approved the takeover of Ebbsfleet United Football Club…

Members of MyFootballClub have today approved the takeover of Ebbsfleet
United, with over 95.9% (17,368 of 18,112 participants) voting in favour of going ahead with the deal.

In the second vote, over 95.86% (17,152 of 17,891 participants) voted in favour of allowing Liam Daish to continue with any plans he has for the January transfer window.

As a result of the positive vote by members, the 27,278-strong community will soon have the opportunity to decide whether the club should employ a new kit manufacturer. If so, members will then be able to select home and away shirt designs.

Members will also be invited to put themselves forward for the Trust Board. An article will be posted explaining the election process, and scoping out the role.

The team selector
at the website will also be going live, so that people can start to familiarise themselves
with it. As previously announced, members will start to control team selection in
March 2008.

MyFC have posted statistics to show that around 1,700 members have already committed to membership beyond year
one, which is extremely promising. For any current fans who are MyFC members and wish to do the same, you can extend your
membership, by clicking here.

All monies for subsequent years have been ring-fenced unless members vote to do otherwise.


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