Reaction to the MyFootballClub deal

The views of Liam Daish, Jason Botley, Brian Kilcullen, Jessica McQueen and others…

Commenting on the deal in principle between EUFC and MyFootballClub:

Liam Daish, Ebbsfleet United manager:
“Everyone has worked wonders to get this club into the top half of the Conference. We all agree the club needs something extra to take it to the next step. As a football fan, I think the MyFootballClub idea is fantastic. And as the coach, I look forward to the challenge of working with thousands of members to produce a winning team. Alan Kimble and myself are 100% committed to making this work.”

Jason Botley, Ebbsfleet United Chairman:
“The Board, Liam Daish and his coaching staff, club employees and myself are united in believing this is a great opportunity for Ebbsfleet United. This extra finance and support will enable our club to progress.”

Brian Kilcullen, Ebbsfleet United director
“This partnership will also allow us to concentrate on driving the club forward in other areas, such as working on the new stadium development.”

Jessica McQueen, Ebbsfleet United Supporters Trust Chair: ?Also being
a Trust, our members understand the MyFootballClub concept


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