EUFC Statement: where we’re at and what we need

Ebbsfleet United director Jessica McQueen has issued the following club statement:


I’d like to share with you some views from another club’s programme notes, which are sure to get any fan hot under the collar:

“We regrettably have to report that gate receipts for matches have generally fallen well below budget and this is something that cannot continue if we are to continue and have a sustainable future. The budget predicated on making substantial losses already, so to think we are actually under those targets really compounds the situation. Solutions need to be found and found quickly, to provide £500,000 between now and the end of the season and we know its going to be an extremely tall order. Most importantly we need to get back on budget and for that we need to see average gates of 3,000. It is clear for all to see that we are taking further losses in addition to that we have already budgeted for. This adds more pressure financially and that is something we don’t want.”

This is not the state of this football club, but I highlight them as a good example of  just how hard things are at the present time for all clubs. There are similarities to our situation; our gates are down, mainly because of the huge amount of home matches that have been scheduled for a Tuesday evening.

Our advertising and promotions are also below the line we had hoped for and I can tell you it is not for want of trying. We as a club have been well supported with the local business’s around us and you will see from the advertising both in the programme and around the ground that we have managed to keep many of our partners as well as encourage new ones, “Adams and Moore” our main sponsors of course being one of the main ones.

Instead of £500,000, read £50,000 that is where we are, but I can reiterate what the director of the other club said, that solutions need to be found and found quickly, to provide £50,000 between now and the end of the season and we know its going to be an extremely tall order.

We have always been well supported by our fan base and we need to draw on that now more than ever.

There are many ways you can directly help now and every week, the things which will directly support your club in these difficult times are about spending that little bit more at games. You could buy extra 50/50 tickets, bring a friend along, eat at the ground rather than before arriving, stay after the game for one extra drink.

All these small things would, if all fans do them, see matchday taking make a sharp improvement. Of course all contributions are very welcome and so there will be buckets around the ground on Boxing Day and any donation will be gratefully received.

If you feel you can make a more substantial donation, please contact the football club office.

Jessica McQueen, EUFC Director, MyFC Rep at EUFC


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